Setup the Buffer bookmarklet on the iPad

Buffer is an online service that allows you to tweet to your followers through out the day. You focus on adding tweets to “keep your buffer topped off” and Buffer manages the scheduling. It runs on any of the modern browsers via In this post we will teach you how to add the Buffer bookmarklet to your iPad so that you may share content with your followers on the go.

We will need to create a bookmark and then go back and edit the bookmark to include the Buffer bookmarklet JavaScript code. The steps that we will be following are similar to the install steps for Instapaper on the iPad–only we will be inserting a code unique to the Buffer service.

How to add the Buffer bookmarklet to the iPad

  • First be sure you’ve had a look at the install steps for Instapaper via the link above so that you are comfortable with the steps.

The remaining steps will be completed via the iPad only but keep it open on your computer browser so you can continue to follow the steps.

  1. From your iPad, go to “Settings.” Choose “Safari.” Be sure Always  Show Bookmarks Bar is set to “ON.” Be sure JavaScript is set to “ON.” Be sure Accept Cookies is set to “From visited.”
  2. Open this post in Safari on your iPad –> — in the search box type “Buffer.”
  3. Now copy the code in this link (press and hold on the code and then release; then adjust the blue overlay so it coves the entire code, and tap “Copy.” buffer-app-bookmarklet-code
  4. Next, click on the share icon (square with a right arrow) at the top of your Safari page and click “Add Bookmark.” Ensure that it will be saving to the “Bookmarks Bar” and then hit “Save.”
  5. Now click on the bookmark icon (open book) to pull up your bookmarks. Click on the “Bookmarks Bar” folder. Then click “Edit” in the top corner of your window.
  6. Select the bookmark that you just created. Change the name to something of your choice–perhaps ‘Buffer’ or ‘Add to Buffer.’ Next delete the URL shown and paste the new code that you copied in step 2 (press and hold, then release, then tap “Paste.” Hit “Bookmarks Bar” located in the bottom top left corner to go back.  Click “Done” located in the top right corner. Click the bookmark icon to make it disappear.

Those are all the steps! You’ve now installed the Buffer bookmarklet on your iPad.

Here is a video tutorial to guide you on installing the Buffer bookmarklet on your iPad:

How to use Buffer on the iPad

Buffer on the iPad is simple to use! First be sure that you have logged in to from your iPad. Then, whenever you would like to use it, just tap on the Buffer bookmark that you created on your bookmarks toolbar in Safari. Note: Currently, there are several options available to you as shown by the screenshot below.

Image source: Buffer

If this tutorial was helpful, I urge you to share it with others. Please even consider linking to it from your website or retweeting. Thank you!

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  • Larisa Ishchenko

    Great post, also works for any other bookmarklets! I have now Hootsute, Timely and on ipad… Many thanks

  • Larisa Ishchenko

    Great post, also works for any other bookmarklets! I have now Hootsute, Timely and on ipad… Many thanks

  • Mark Hesketh

    Thanks a lot for this. Works great

  • Gretchen Vaughn

    Hi, Lorenzo!  It took me a while to figure out what went wrong on my iPad but I finally got it to work and it does so beautifully.  When I got the Buffer App Bookmarklet code you have here, I couldn’t get it to copy all in order to paste the Javascript in the iPad Safari browser.  I eventually emailed the text of the Javascript to myself so I could finally copy and paste.

    Can you figure out a different want to share the Javascript?

  • LatinaComm

    Great stuff. Worked perfect! Thanks.

  • Roger Ewing

    Lorenzo, has the procedure changed for the iPad2?  I ask because I have followed your video, and there is no edit button on my Add Bookmark menu.  Without that I cannot change the URL in the bookmark.  Please let me know your thoughts.

  • Roger Ewing

    Ok.  I figured out what I was doing wrong.  Now I have another question.  When I go to Twitter on my iPad there is no buffer icon???  This is true if I use Twitter app or access twitter on Safari.
    What now my friend??

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    Brilliant! Thank you!

  • Curtis Marshall

    Brilliant! Thanks! Tweeted the page to share… @mrcmarsh

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  • Jackie Kmetz

    Works great for Pinterest too! Thx!

  • Alberto Mucignat

    thanks! you saved my day!!! 😉

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  • Wizo

    Thank you for the quick and easy instructions! Is there a way to make this work with Chrome for iOS?

  • Patricia

    Thank you so much. Explained perfectly. I tried several other ways but couldn’t get it to work.

  • Junior

    Worked great thanks!

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  • Andy Bailey

    Fantastic , it even works in chrome. Add the bookmark in the chrome way, editit and paste the code. Just visit the page and then start to type the bookmark name in the address bar and select it to make it load the JavaScript . Awesome, the last bookmark let I tried didn’t work but this does!

  • @iboy

    Wow. Fantastic. Works on Chrome, too! … Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Thank you! This was really helpful.

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