Automatically upload videos and pictures from your digital camera with the Eye-Fi Pro X2

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 is a must-have product for anyone with a digital camera. It makes taking pictures more enjoyable because it will automatically upload your photos for you. No more searching endlessly for that USB cable just so you can connect your digital camera to your computer and download and finally upload to the web to share. The Eye-Fi takes the busy work out of the equation. Although Eye-Fi offers several versions of their wifi-enabled SD cards, it is recommended that you get the Eye-Fi Pro X2 as it has the most features which means more benefits for you! It effortlessly offers the following:

  • photo sharing
  • photo backups
  • endless memory

Installation of the Eye-Fi Pro X2 software

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 requires you to set it up before it can be used. Here are the basic instructions:

  1. Plug-in the SD card w/ the card reader into your computer.
  2. Then navigate to the mounted SD card on your computer and go to the START HERE folder.
  3. Choose the appropriate folder for the operating system that you are using — Mac or Windows.
  4. Then run the installer.
  5. After install, the software will ask to update itself. I recommend you allow it to do this.

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