Simple tips to avoiding the freshman 15

The freshman 15…


The freshman 15 refers to the amount of weight a freshman will “gain” as a first year student. Is it valid? Yes to a point–studies across the world have various results (a range of variables) but when analyzed they show that the average weight gained is typically less than 15 pounds. It appears that the “freshman 15” is somewhat of an outlier or an extreme. The truth is that most students will put on a few pounds.

Why am I gaining weight?

The list for reasons for why a student may gain weight could be infinite so we’ll explain it in few cause and effect examples that are easy to understand.

  • Stress from “…” → eating more → bad habits
  • Stress from “…” → drinking alcohol → bad habits
  • Stress from “…” → less exercise → bad habits

As you can see from the examples above, there is a trigger that causes something that ultimately leads to a bad habit. We know that bad habits are difficult to change as we tend to unknowingly become comfortable with them. [Read more…]