The Diigo diigolet for the iPad

Diigo is a web service that allows you to collect and highlight and remember the information that you want to across the web. It runs on any modern browser, as well as the Android and iOS platforms. In this post we will show you how to easily add the Diigo diigolet to your iPad so that you may use the fun features of the Diigo toolbar.

We will need to create a bookmark and then go back and edit the bookmark to include the Diigo diigolet JavaScript code. The steps that we will be following are similar to the install steps for Instapaper on the iPad–only we will be inserting the Diigo diigolet code.

Adding the Diigo diigolet to the iPad

  • First be sure you’ve had a look at the install steps for Instapaper via the link above so that you are comfortable with the steps.

The remaining steps will be completed via the iPad only but keep it open on your computer browser so you can continue to follow the steps.

  1. From your iPad, go to “Settings.” Choose “Safari.” Be sure Always  Show Bookmarks Bar is set to “ON.” Be sure JavaScript is set to “ON.” Be sure Accept Cookies is set to “From visited.”
  2. Open this page in Safari on your iPad –>
  3. Now copy the code in this link (press and hold on the code and then release; then adjust the blue overlay so it coves the entire code, and tap “Copy.” diigo-diigolet-code
  4. Next, click on the share icon (square with a right arrow) at the top of your Safari page and click “Add Bookmark.” Ensure that it will be saving to the “Bookmarks Bar” and then hit “Save.”
  5. Now click on the bookmark icon (open book) to pull up your bookmarks. Click on the “Bookmarks Bar” folder. Then click “Edit” in the top corner of your window.
  6. Select the bookmark that you just created. Change the name to something of your choice–perhaps ‘Diigo’ or ‘Diigolet.’ Next delete the URL shown and paste the new code that you copied in step 2 (press and hold, then release, then tap “Paste.” Hit “Bookmarks Bar” located in the bottom top left corner to go back.  Click “Done” located in the top right corner. Click the bookmark icon to make it disappear.

Those are all the steps! You’ve now installed the Diigo diigolet on your iPad.

Here is a video tutorial to guide you on installing the Diigo diigolet on your Pad:

How to use use the Diigo diigolet on the iPad

The Diigo diigolet has some nice features on the iPad. When it is first activated, it will ask you to login (use the same credentials as The Diigo toolbar will appear at the top of the page. Notice that there are several options available to you–Bookmark–Highlighter–Floating Sticking Note–Comment. The options are all simple to use.

The one that may confuse you is the Highlighter option. To use it, simply tap and hold and then bring the blue overlay over the area that you want highlighted–THEN tap the Highlight button.


Image source: Diigo

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  • Cgirrbach

    Thanks for your tips. I was struggling with the install and highlight feature.

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  • Eric

    Does not work for me, when I tap on the Diigolet in the bookmarks bar it opens a new blank web page showing javascript code :-/

  • Ejwalhof

    Hi Lorenzo.  

    Just got a mention of this via my Diigo network.  Thanks for sharing.  I found a different way to make it work for me so haven’t tried your method yet, but I’ll try it the next time I have access to an iPad without it already installed!

    (BTW, I’ve always heard the tool pronounced “Dee-goh”.  Just an observation – I’m doubt there’s a right or wrong!  I guess we could see what Diigo’s tutorials or introductions use if we wanted to know for sure, but I don’t think I’m quite that concerned about it!)

    Thanks again!

    :)  Liz Walhof

    • Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      Hi Liz! Thanks for sharing your feedback. I do hope it works out well for you!

  • esther chiew

    Thank you so much for posting this. The instruction were clear and concise. Really helped alot!
    I think it’s great that this is my first time leaving a feedback to an online tutorial thingy.-Esther Chiew from Singapore-

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  • Idea_rat

    This was very helpful, thanks so much!

  • Karen Keighery

    Tx Lorenzo, fantastic! I’m so thrilled that , thanks to you, I’ve now go the toolbar on my iPad. It had been bugging me for weeks. Thanks for video, I couldn’t work it out with just the textual instructions. Karen

  • Randy

    Thanks Lorenzo! I got it all to work except the highlighting. I tried your steps and am not able to highlight a section. Sticky notes work fine. Any ideas?

  • Penny Hildinger

    Thanks so much! Super directions!

  • Teresa O

    Thank you! Could not find the correct code anywhere else! I gave up initially but after a couple of days I stated searching again and found this.

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  • Anne Phillips

    Thank you so much! I was hugely frustrated and lost a lot of time on my iPad trying to implement the installation instructions from iTunes. Diigo is great on my desktop and I really wanted it on my iPad. Your “how to’s”” are clear, straightforward, and made everything so easy! and quick!

  • Julie Hunter

    This is really informative post and I personally would like to appreciate the efforts. We are also dealing in same industry hence found this informative to add in our process also. Once again thanks for your post.

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